fast, safe, secure & cost saving.

Why CVN?

Lenders choose CVN to improve their customers experience and ensure they maintain a competitive advantage, ensuring speed whilst maintaining safe risk and cost mitigating procedures.

  • We work with lenders to agree the approved panel of valuers and ensure all valuers sign up to a common Terms of Business which is written to the individual lender’s requirements.
  • We maintain a database of global, national, regional and local RICS regulated valuation firms.
  • We undertake due diligence on valuers noting PII cover.
  • We operate a client portal keeping the lender updated as a valuation progresses from quotation to completion.
  • We provide a file audit service and deal with valuation challenges and complaints in a timely and professional manner.
  • We provide detailed MI on a daily, weekly or monthly basis covering all aspects of valuation procurement and delivery.
  • Our team of senior and experienced RICS registered valuers provide day
    to day support to lenders reducing the need for in house valuer support.
  • Our service is funded by an administration fee charged per instruction to valuers. There is no direct cost to CVN’s client lenders.

Our Clients

CVN is proud to provide services to:

Case Study

In June 2021, a major UK commercial lender instructed CVN Services to take over their commercial panel management function. This has resulted in a reduction in turnaround time from valuation inception to completion of ten working days and streamlined the organisation’s internal administration function. CVN Services has taken over all payment administration of valuation fees on behalf of the lender whilst maintaining their direct contractual links with individual valuers.